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  • Zhongshan HaoChen labor insurance medical supplies co., LTD. Was established in February 28, 2020, the registered capital of 6 million yuan, the company headquarters is located in zhongshan districts south source road, 3, 4, level 5 D, the company mainly produces HaoChen brand disposable respirators, children disposable masks, disposable surgical masks (non sterile), KN95 mask. Also accept the sample processing production

  • Product introduction

    The company's brands are HAOCHEN adult mask, Children mask,KN95 mask


    1、Consumption environment: The coVID-19 virus epidemic in China has been well controlled, but masks have become a necessity for citizens to go out for daily use. They are used to block harmful gases, smells, droplets, viruses and other substances. The outbreak of COVID-19 virus abroad is still very severe, and masks are in great demand

Agency advantage

In order to open the market of masks at home and abroad as soon as possible, Haochen, in line with the policy of low profit and high quality, is now recruiting agents at home and abroad as our agents, who can obtain our full support, including but not limited to the following;


The higher the volume of business, the higher the commission ratio


Provide haochen brand product brochure advertising sample bags


Provide a comprehensive range of masks complete training materials


Regularly invite agents to attend seminars and put forward relevant opinions and Suggestions on products


Optimize product category and packaging regularly according to customer requirements


Successful development of an enterprise or unit channel, supply of permanent commission owned by the agent


01 Agree with Haochen products and management philosophy and business model, have a sincere long-term intention of cooperation

02Familiar resources are available where there is a high demand for protective equipment in the agent's area

03Good image, articulate, at least 1 year sales experience, some sales experience is preferred

04Relatively free time, after training to understand the company's products and can explain to customers clearly;

05Undertake not to carry out agency work across the authorized territory and not to disturb the market;

Let's grasp the best opportunity for development and create a better future together

About us
Add:3-4 / F, building D, 5 Nanyuan Road, South District, Zhongshan City
Contact :Mr. Li
Mobile :13822771332
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