Zhongshan HaoChen labor protection medical supplies Co., Ltd
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专业化口罩生产企业 成人口罩
Factory machinery
专业化口罩生产企业 KN95口罩
Factory scale
专业化口罩生产企业 儿童口罩
Pipeline production
专业化口罩生产企业 防护面具
Environmental protection system
Factory Machinery

  • 保医疗用品,口罩,KN95,口罩生产厂家,防疫用品,儿童口罩
  • 保医疗用品,口罩,KN95,口罩生产厂家,防疫用品,儿童口罩
  • 保医疗用品,口罩,KN95,口罩生产厂家,防疫用品,儿童口罩
  • 保医疗用品,口罩,KN95,口罩生产厂家,防疫用品,儿童口罩
Factory Scale

The factory covers an area of 600 square meters and employs more than 100 people

  • 600

    The factory covers an area of more than 600 mu

  • 4

    Injection Workshop

  • Cleaning shop

    Dust-free and sterilized production

  • Closed job shop

    Do not mix goods with people

  • 100

    The factory employs more than 100 people

Pipeline Production

The whole journey must be dust-free and sterile

  • 100 Numbers

    Development Team

  • 3

    Production standard demand

  • 10

    fully automatic production

  • 360°

    Clean and sterile production

  • 10

    sampling inspection

Environmental Protection System

Sterile dust-free workshop, environmentally friendly and healthy products

Main products
成人口罩·Adult mask·
儿童口罩·Children face mask·

Product line

  • Adult mask
  • KN95
  • Children face mask
  • Sanitary napkin
  • MASK
About HaoChen
Zhongshan City Haochen Labor Medical Supplies Co.,
Zhongshan City Haochen Labor Medical Supplies Co.,Ltd £¬Registered on February 28, 2020 , the registered capital of 6 million yuan, is a collection of r &d, production, sales and service into a professional mask production enterprises.The company set up after the main retail market is like in facing the whole country and all over the world a mask, "mutual benefit and win-win cooperation" as the core value, pursue to meet customer demand for the purpose, customer interests above all else as the center, continuously provide customers with quality products, to realize the value of the company. The strength of the company is strong, take the quality as the standard, the customer as the center, the product as the guidance, with the high standard strict request self-standard, makes every effort to belong to the Haochen person a world.

Selection Our Advantage

People - oriented, sincere operation weaving every product, heart - to - heart service to every customer

Brand precipitation

Brand precipitation, we have been focusing on the production of masks

Selection of materials,

High quality breathable material, three layers of filter protection

High-efficient production

Smooth operation of the quality system, a production team of hundreds of people

Equitable price

Direct sales of products to manufacturers, saving 3% procurement costs

Quality standards

High - standard production management mode, witnessed by more than 100 partners

Good aftermarket

Professional service team 7*24 online consultation, for you to solve different questions

About us
Add:3-4 / F, building D, 5 Nanyuan Road, South District, Zhongshan City
Contact :Mr. Li
Mobile :13822771332
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