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What kind of fabric is good for the mask?

Popularity:1387Dateline :2020/11/7 4:36:01
  What kind of fabric is good for the mask? Masks can be divided into non-woven masks, gauze masks and activated carbon masks according to their materials. The difference of materials has nothing to do with the effect of protection and filtration. What really matters is whether the structural design of masks is reasonable or not, and the fitting degree between masks and face shapes, etc.

What kind of fabric is good for the mask?

  Non woven mask: one is made of pure cotton absorbent gauze or knitted fabric with various non-woven fabrics sandwiched in the middle; the other is directly sewn by non-woven fabric. The latest product is non-woven fabric material on the surface and back, and filter paper in the middle, so that the filtration effect of non-woven mask can be improved.

  Gauze mask is made of sparse cotton cloth by sewing. It is mainly used in working environment with low concentration of harmful gas and vapor. The filter box only contains adsorbent or absorbent. Zhongshan HaoChen labor protection and medical supplies Co., Ltd. is a professional mask manufacturer integrating R & D, production, sales and after-sales. After its establishment, the company mainly faces the mask retail market all over the country and all over the world. With "mutual benefit and win-win cooperation" as the core value, the company pursues to meet the needs of customers as the purpose, and the interests of customers are higher than all interests as the center To provide customers with high-quality products to realize the company's value. The company has strong strength, with quality as the standard, customer as the center, product as the guide, with high standards and strict requirements of self-regulation, try to create a world belonging to HaoChen people.

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