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Tips for choosing masks

Popularity:1190Dateline :2020/11/4 3:08:54

1、 Dust control efficiency

  The dust prevention efficiency of the mask is based on its blocking efficiency for fine dust, especially for respirable dust below 2.5 μ M. Because this particle size of dust can enter the alveoli directly, it has a great impact on human health. The dust mask is composed of filter material, activated carbon fiber felt pad or non-woven fabric, and the respirable dust less than 2.5 μ m passes through the filter material.

2、 Close degree

  The design of mask side leakage prevention is to prevent the air from passing through the gap between the mask and human face and not being inhaled through filtration. Air, like water, flows first where the resistance is small. When the shape of the mask is not close to the face, the dangerous substances in the air will leak into the airtight part and enter the respiratory tract. So, even if you choose a mask with the best filter material. It can't protect your health. Many foreign regulations and standards stipulate that workers should regularly carry out the tightness test of masks. The purpose is to ensure that workers choose suitable masks and wear them according to the correct procedures.

3、 Comfortable to wear

  In this way, workers will be willing to adhere to wearing in the workplace and improve their work efficiency. At present, the maintenance free masks in foreign countries do not need to be cleaned or replaced. When the dust barrier is saturated or the masks are damaged, they are discarded. This not only ensures the hygiene of the masks, but also saves the workers the time and energy to maintain the masks. Moreover, many masks are arched shape, which can not only ensure a good fit with the shape of the face, but also keep a certain space at the mouth and nose, which is comfortable to wear.

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