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How to reuse masks correctly

Popularity:652Dateline :2020/11/4 3:05:15

  Can the mask be used for disinfection and reuse by spraying medical alcohol after use? For the problem of masks, ordinary residents use masks in places where the risk is relatively small. They can be reused under the condition that the masks are clean and structurally complete, especially the inner layer is not polluted. After each use, they should be placed in a clean, dry and ventilated place in the room. In addition, spraying disinfectant, including medical alcohol, will reduce the protection efficiency, so it is not suitable to use alcohol spray to disinfect the mask.

  When it comes to the re-use of masks, I would like to emphasize it in detail. If you are alone, for example, if you are not in contact with outsiders at home, you can not wear a mask, including in a private car, or you can walk outdoors or in a community, or take a walk in a public park with few pedestrians.

  however, in public places with dense population, patients who take means of transportation, including shopping malls, elevators, including meeting rooms, and go to general medical institutions (except fever clinic), can wear ordinary medical masks, which is what we call disposable medical masks.

  In this case, the mask can be reused in a clean, dry and ventilated place after going home. It is suggested that medical surgical masks should be worn for workers in intensive places, including those engaged in epidemic related industries, administrative personnel, police, security guards, express delivery personnel, etc., and the use duration and replacement frequency of masks can be appropriately extended according to the actual situation. Generally speaking, if there is no obvious dirt deformation, it is not necessary to change the masks every four hours If there is dirt, deformation, damage, smell, it needs to be replaced in time.

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